Don T. Troiano



As an entrepreneur Don Troiano has had multiple careers in his life that have included several companies. The following is a list of companies he has owned or been a principal in.

Our Fashion Passion Social Network April 2021 to Present. 

Our Fashion Passion is a new and exciting social network dedicated to all things fashion. The finished site began beta testing in April 2021 and started selected membership in late June. The App was launched mid July and open member enrollment began in early August. Now the site has over 1000 members and is growing at a rapid pace. 

Market Pros International Marketing  2016 to Present. 

An industry leader in the digital and social media marketing space. With offices in Danbury, Connecticut and Ozamis Philippines this venture is quickly catching on in this exploding new industry. Feel free to visit the site and learn more. 

DTT Energy Consulting Energy Marketer and ESCO consultant. Active 

The company was founded to gain residual income from the explosion of low cost power from energy deregulation. Over time the companies energy space expertise began drawing in new ESCO’s seeking marketing, hedging and forecasting assistance. The company derived most of its income from residuals gained through its customer acquisition programs

Oxford Home Mortgage LLC Mortgage Company 2001 to 2012

The name Oxford was chosen as the company business model was set out to paper in Oxford, Connecticut. The company catered mainly to small Residential home mortgages. Employed as many as 30 full and part time staff and originated over 50 annually million in mortgage financing. The Mortgage crisis of 2009 caused the closing of Oxford along with thousands of other similar companies.