Don T. Troiano



Early Life

Don Troiano was born in Danbury, Connecticut the fourth son of Dominic and Patricia Troiano. His father was an engineer with National Semi-Conductor who was best known for his part in the development and final design of the disposable lighter. His mother a serial entrepreneur ran several successful businesses throughout her life.  He attended Matatuck Community College in Waterbury Connecticut and later transferred to Western Connecticut State University where he studied economics. 

Professional Career

His professional career truly started when he joined Smith Barney as a licensed stockbroker and excelled to become a VP. He later transitioned to banking where he founded Oxford Home Mortgage LLC, a firm he grew to over 30 employees securitizing in excess of 50 Million USD annually. After he closed the firm due to the financial crisis he transitioned to the deregulated energy sector and founded Americawide Energy LLC. He guided the company through licensing and secured financing but divested his interests in the company after only 18 months. He ran a small construction company for a time while learning the digital space as this was where he saw the most opportunity and it was, and still is his passion. In early 2017 he launched Market Pros International an award-winning digital marketing agency that he maintains and continues to operate today in Danbury Connecticut. 

Danbury, Connecticut

Personal Life

Dons family includes his two children James and Ryan and is married to Jenelyn Impis. In his spare time, he likes to barefoot water ski where he was formerly a nationally ranked competitor. He also enjoys ice hockey a sport he has played since the age of 8 years old. 

Our Fashion Passion

As the world began to grapple with the covid 19 pandemic and all business came to a screeching halt Mr Troiano began to collaborate with a retired IT professional Henry Hall and a web designer located in the Philippines Jenelyn Impis. They envisioned a social network where the members could make some extra money. After careful consideration, they decided to focus on the fashion niche as there seemed to be a largely untapped segment of the market with a worldwide audience that the concept would appeal to. After roughly 12 months they began testing a working prototype for the site and optimized it to run smoothly. AS beta test was run in April of 2021 and by late June true enrollment began and in late July the app was also introduced. Marketing of the network began in earnest in August 2021 and really started gaining traction in September where growth topped 300% in the first two weeks.