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Hello and thank you for visiting our page. This site is presented to help familiarize you with Don Troiano. Mr. Troiano Co-Founded Fashonation a worldwide social network and creator platform exclusively for fashion founded in 2021 and dedicated to all things fashion. He also founded Market Pros International Inc. in 2017. Market Pros is an award-winning digital marketing agency with corporate offices in Danbury Connecticut USA. 

Banking, Energy and Digital Commerce Planning Expert

Energy Supplier, Mortgage Banker, Digital Marketing Agency

Facebook and Google Certified, SEO Expert, Web Design Expert

Don Troiano Career

By Don Troiano

Before Fashonation launched in 2021, I began my career as a stockbroker working with Smith Barney. I transitioned to open a mortgage banking firm Oxford Home Mortgage LLC in 2001. The firm gained traction until the financial crisis and after the loss of warehouse and credit lines as a result of outside bank failures had to close operations in 2011.   Soon after I launched Americawide Energy an energy supplier and managed the entire licensing process through state regulators and divested in 2014. In 2015 I began learning SEO and digital marketing and eventually opened Market Pros International Inc in early 2017. Though the business operated through the pandemic I began to collaborate with Jenelyn Impis and Henry Hall to produce a new social network dedicated to fashion. We Planned and worked to produce a working site for 12 months and in April 2021 we had a working prototype. The final version offers members a typical social network experience with, photos, videos, connections, followers, and something new. An actual member blog that can rank in search engine results and better still allow the members to earn a percentage of ad revenue their blog generates. The network also rolled out its app in July 2021. In September 2021 the network began to take off with membership growing more than 300% in the first two weeks of September. The site also plans to roll out an instant messenger app in October of 2021.  

Don Troiano